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A term used for indie games on Nintendo platforms.

Nintendo fanboys eat this up as the reason why people buy a Nintendo switch, in reality no one cares for the garbage on the eShop. People buy Nintendo consoles for Mario and Zelda.

Half of the Nindies were ported from Steam, often from garbage, that no one bought.
Person 1: Aside from Mario and Zelda, what other games are there to try?
Nintendo fanboy: NINDIES! There's this game that was on Steam being ported over!
Person 1: Yeah I mean more games like 3D platformers.

Nintendo fanboy: buy ninides!

Person 2: SHUT UP! No one cares for that piece of wank that clogs up the eShop. Half the fucking games were ported from Steam because they suck and go on sale for like $1 every 2 weeks.

Steam Crapware Developer: I am proud to announce my game is coming to Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo fanboys: YAY MORE NINIDES!!!
Sane person: Didn't this game get given away and goes on a 90% sale because no one bought it?
Nintendo fanboys: SHUT UP.
by Noslen January 25, 2018
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cindy x neels, the best ship ever that recently broke up :(
I ship nindy so much!!
by spamspamvines May 15, 2018
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