The act of

1. doing nincompoopatic things.
2. being a nincompoop.
3. smelling like a nincompoop.
The nincompooping nincompoop was nincompooping around his fellow nincompoops.
by Norne November 7, 2010
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a person lacking common sense, a person who lacks good sense or judgment
I work with a gaggle of nincompoops, I guess common sense isn't so common anymore.
by Ur Majesty May 19, 2006
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Talking to Jay is frustrating. He doesn't listen and he insists on his own ways. Such a nincompoop
by melvin c May 7, 2007
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Someone who has no clue or severely lacks any common sense.
BP's CEO is a major nincompoop!
by Sohkqns67 June 5, 2010
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