A hermit from the countryside of China. A violent communist, will proclaim his love for Mao. Anti-free Taiwan. Hopes for reunification of China and Taiwan.
Man he is such a Ninning
by cn4eva April 13, 2004
a freakishly large dick that is usually very, very hairy and ugly.
or a person that acts very stupid and retarded.

This can range from saying something mean to just acting weird.
Josh: How was last night?
Emily: Totally great, he had a total nin.


Natalie: Wow! I didn't know trees were green!
Jaclyn: You are such a nin! Trees are always green!
by friends4eve101 December 22, 2009
A unusual person, who is often silly, charming, playful, joyful, and spritely.
Hey Alex you are being the biggest NIN right now!
by abc7654321 July 14, 2015
Nins - n. - Nigga Eat Nigga Sleep
Laqueesha got the NINS after she ate Thanksgiving meal.
by Gatz.B January 2, 2012
Going to visit my nin
by Laura Mad September 16, 2005
(Adjective) A name you call someone/something when it's being:
A) Annoying
B) Stupid
C) Not going your way
D) Or is a grandma in my language
A) "Ibby! Stop being such a nin"
B) "Joe's a nin, he fell into a thorne bush by a little poke and fell in slow motion" (true story)
C) "My iPods such a nin"
D) "Lets visit nin"
by Goombalove January 28, 2009
1.An informal way to refer to a hamster. Perferably one that is demonic, evil, or bent on world domination.

2. A person that acts as smart as a rodent that belives it can rule the world.
I caught my nin trying to escape from it's cage.

My nin of a brother got a 7 on his 100 point test.
by Will Connell November 27, 2006