noun: another way of saying ebonics, ot the language of illiterate street scum who "keep it real." Niglish is often heard on "Judge Joe Brown," and parodied on "Chapelle's Show."
Niglish is also the favorite language of trailer trash whiteys and other wigger wannabes.
ike: hey spike, whattya like?
mike: what's goin on man? why're you dressed like fiddy-thent?
spike: whatup, dawgs, i's jes keepin' it real, fo shizzle. later me and mah homies gonna do somfin ghetto, aight?
ike: what the fuck did he say?
mike: i dunno, but sounds like niglish to me. Funny thing is, he graduated 1st in his class at prep school
by earpuller September 15, 2005
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Niglish is a variety of English spoken in Nigeria with a whole lot of influence from native languages and from past contacts with Europeans... E.g Oga...meaning boss.
Pikin from Portuguese Pequenomeaning a little child.
Niglish has a force in Nigerian literatures and her literati.

Journalism has hugely contributed to its advancement.
Niglish has her grammar style native to Nigeria.
My pi\kin and me will see oga later in the evening.

Madam please I don't speak Niglish

Niglish speaker addressing a friend wanting to say. My child and I will meet with the boss later in the evening
by Fouché October 28, 2018
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