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A number less than to or equal to the total number of digits on both hands.
You can not take off your socks as toes can not be included.
Yo, Toby ! What's six times 2?
Not sure Ali, I'm all out of nigit's!
by Marky Walnuts January 05, 2009
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Your best friend and other half. They have to be funny and wild. Someone who is willing to chase their friends around after a night out. They pull all nighters with their friends who are studying, even if they have no studying to do. They must be willing to accept bites and licks from their friends and also be willing to change their past, so it can match with their friends, so everyone will believe they are sisters. Someone who overuses phrases in the wrong context.
Jamie: gosh, i just had some great bearded clam
Kristin: wow you are such a nigit

Kristin: I'm a full time friend
Jamie: Yeah, you are a true nigit
by KittenandJellyfish December 15, 2010
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