A serial killer named Richard Ramirez who terrorized the city of Los Angeles during the summer of 1985. He killings are based on satanism.
The night stalker would break into people's homes and rape or kill his victims.
by GKL September 9, 2005
Someone who can fly a helicopter better than God himself.

Men of the 160th S.O.A.R
I want to be a Night Stalker in the military.
by Andrew June 7, 2004
This guy is a troll. He loves to piss people off in games and in L4D he uses up all the medkits, also spam music and rush.
Night Stalker is a true troll.
by wexler3547 April 30, 2011
1. (person) or (a group) of cocky assholes who dont know there asshole from their elbow and think that they are delta force soldiers.

2. someone who eventually gets a DUI or does drugs and gets caught, then gets sent to a regular army unit and gets a huge dose of "Reality" and ends up being a turd.
guy 1: "whos that new guy with 3000 ng hours who doesnt know shit about the helicopter? and why is he crying about how "they did it in the 160th" instead of working???"
guy2:"just another night stalker"
by VarsityMP March 16, 2011
A person who is not picked up/taken home after the clubs and bars close. They are out looking for the drunk that will take them home. They are stalking.
Janie, look, there is that night stalker that tried to pick Kelly up when we went to the Waffle House after the club.
by twizzlergirl April 30, 2008
When you wake up in the middle of the night furiously tonguing the asshole of your partner.
Man, I woke up the other night doing a mad night stalker on Billy.... he didn’t mind it though.
by BillyReuben000 March 18, 2021
When a woman, normally from Boston, who is most likely a crazed ex or dedicated stalker slips a Viagra and Roofie into your drink in hopes of you passing out with a stiffy so she can mount you and impregnate herself.
Did you guys hear what happened to Tony the other night? I guess Sarah pulled the ol' Boston Night Stalker on him and is now pregnant.
by True Cuhh May 23, 2017