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1. The defining, sometimes intangible element of an entity, event, or concept which makes it nifty.

2. The level or measure of how nifty something is.

Syn.: niftiness Ant.: lameity
Example 1:
"After much thought and consideration, I have conclusively determined that the nift of your new pair of shoes lies in its shoelaces."

Example 2:
"Whoa, sweet webcomic! Truly, the nift of Sluggy is unparalleled any other."
by usman noyo August 16, 2007
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when something is super good or cool
"How was school?" -mom
"Well I aced my math test so it was pretty nift!"
by whaleruslover226 December 16, 2016
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The ultimate word to describe cool, stellar, rad, etc.

Not to be confused with nifty.
Nifty: Wow, those spagetti forks that rotate are really nifty

Nift: Wow, your haircut is so nift! I want one like it.
by Chartreuse Hedgehog February 03, 2010
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