Acronym for no idea. Someone asks you something and you don't know you type "ni".
<someone>Anyone know how to...
by Spider February 21, 2005
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Spanish slang term used for describing a generation of youth (between 16-35 years old) that neither studies nor works.
No ocupation at all, they usually leech their Parents' resources.
This word is originated from the conjunctions used in this sentence: "NI estudian NI trabajan".

Plural form is "ninis", can be written as ni-ni or nini.
In Spain, statistics show that generation ni ni is formed by more than 700.000 individuals and growing.

España es el segundo país europeo con mas ninis.

Me preocupa la generación ni-ni, es nuestro futuro.
by Wothanfja December 19, 2010
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Ni-Ni is the name of a person, usually Asian, that is very kind and humble. Sometimes they are a little bit lazy, but only after a whole night of watching BTS videos.
Ni-Ni asked me to watch an episode of Run BTS.
by JunenCai March 20, 2021
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Pronouced: Nie Nie
A friendly, yet unsexual, way of messing around with a fellow friend by taking your hand and shoving it as far up into the ass as it can go and then rotating it so that the hole is feeling intense pressure so that it forces the person being ni nied to squeze their butt muscles together and succomb to the host. This is all done with clothes on.
"If you annoy me one more time, I am going to come over there and give you a ni ni!"

"I heard last night that she got totally ni nied!"
by Topher Ducce July 31, 2008
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