The opposite of "it".
ROBIN: I was looking for it.
KNIGHTS: Aaaaugh!
ROBIN: Uh, here, here in this forest.
ARTHUR: No, it is far from--
KNIGHTS: Aaaaugh!
HEAD KNIGHT: Aaaaugh! Stop saying the word!
ARTHUR: Oh, stop it!
KNIGHTS: Aaaaugh!
HEAD KNIGHT: Oh! He said it again!
ARTHUR: Patsy!
HEAD KNIGHT: Aaugh! I said it! I said it! Ooh! I said it
again! That's three its!
KNIGHTS: Aaaaugh!
by CIURCA June 17, 2005
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Ni is the Japanese word for two and also sun.
1.Ichi,Ni,San,Shi,Go! (One,two,three,four,five!)
2.Nihon is Japanese for Japan, it means sun origin which means "Where the sun originates from"
by Bad_the_swordsman December 08, 2005
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Ni! Is a word used in Monty Python's Flying Circus: Search for the Holy Grail and Monty Python's Spamalot. It has no actual meaning, and is often used merely as an in-joke.
"We are the knights who go Ni!"

"NI! NI! NI!"
by Knight of Ni February 07, 2008
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Natural Insemination. Insert a man's penis in tou a woman Vaginalk cavity. After forty thrust the man ejaculates in the recepient. The person is to help a lesbian couple or a single woman conceive. Pro bono. Not done for malicious person. Recepient want to comn\nceive a child
I NI'd Yvette for four cylces before she finally got pregnant. Lesbian couple looking for NI donor that is D/D free
by pavodeBronx February 07, 2008
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Ni is a type of person that doesn't like sharing their feelings, when you first look at them you think eh like everybody else . But when you look at them closely their different, different in their own way . Their goofy and will do anything to make you smile .
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Not Interested
Used on Ugly Betty by Receptionist Amanda Tanen. Usually you close you hand to indicate 'shut your mouth'.
Ugly Betty
Kimmy Keagen: "In my old job we had uniforms"
Amanda: "NI"
by Genius_Me July 21, 2009
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when yoiu meet a black person on a video game and they are chatting wass, you pull out the ni
person of colour: u trash at this game
12 yo white american kid: shut up ni
by mcsuckyourmum November 19, 2019
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