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A sweet, intelligent, lovable guy, who i can't stop thinking of and will always be in love with.
(sees a guy at a bbq) Wohh!! He's my boo!
by Julz November 05, 2004
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Nhan is a big-headed fuckface who tries to nudge his way into everyone's group and include himself in everything. It is hard to keep a secret from him because he likes big dick! He is also Asian.
Andrew: hey, nhan wants to know if he can go see a movie with us?
Duy: fuck no dude, nhan can find someone else to go with!
by Anonymous742 August 02, 2016
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An anime monk. Spends their whole life practicing in the arts of weebness, and achieving the true comprehension of anime, learning what it truly means to be a weeaboo. They spend most of their days watching anime and hugging body pillows. Will also occasionally watch hentai, which is said to be the purest form of anime. One cannot simply become Nhan, as it requires a entire lifetime of training and practicing to achieve this level. But, a certain few have been able to reach it in under 20 years, and only one in under 15 - the original Nhan himself.
Look at Nhan, watching anime as normal.
by VinceShlomi December 14, 2017
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A sweet, kind, caring individual for other. Not a drunk alcoholic rednecck or a niigger from the ghetto street of Redneck America who only purpose in life is to get drunk and finding vaginal to violate. Someone with open arms and open hearts who purpose in life is to help others in need.
nguoi do co nhan dao.
by BeKindandNice November 09, 2018
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