bastardized version of the English compliment "nice" - most often spoken or used by a D.A. (Dark Asian - e.g., Vietnamese, Filipino, Cambodian, etc.) who is either unable to or willfully opposed to ending any word with an "s" sound; often heard in casinos and card houses catering to South East Asian clientele
"Ngai hehng!" ("Nice hand!")

"Daang guuuurrrl, yo aaah look ngai!" ("Dang girl, your ass looks nice!")
by niggityngai April 4, 2005
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also heard frequently in nail salons throughout california.
i make yo nai look ngai. you wangt butterfly?
by nigiringai May 7, 2005
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Alternative clean version for "ngai tiau" which is a Sabah-hakka dialect that can mean "the f-k?". Ngai titit is originated from SMK T.
Why did you eat my yogurt? Ngai titit...
by yellowasianz October 20, 2019
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in Sabah-Hakka dialect, ngai sat can mean "The fuck?", or which Cantonese says "Ngo diu! (I fuck!)", but not in a seethe tone.
A: Ngi hon, BN oi hee nga tiu geh internet service tax liao.
(A: You see, BN wants to raise our internet service tax.)
B: Ngai sat.
(The fuck?)
by M4rkX1V November 8, 2011
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Founded by Brandon Pa, the word “Ngai Chai” is commonly used in Sarawak region, Malaysia. Ngai Chai is used to express the seriousness of matter. It can be use as an adjective or as an expression such ah “wow”
Ngai Chai, this case is getting serious.
This case getting really Ngai chai.
by Xanxus888 November 1, 2017
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n. A member of the Ngai clan, descended directly from Genghis Khan, especially one who is able to do splits and has a friend who is a prince.
That Alexander is a real Illustrious Ngai, I bet he knows a prince.
by littlemy October 29, 2003
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