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A town located in Ontario, Canada which was founded by Quaker settlers in 1801. Name originates from the mills that were built to supply the local residents, becoming the 'new market' as opposed to Toronto, which was the 'old market'.

Newmarket is not a bedroom community as many people think. Newmarket has plenty of attractions, sights, and is rich in history.
Hometown Newmarket, who you got huh?
by 2dFx February 10, 2005
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A slang term for any place that is dodgy and is all round unsafe. If a Newmarket appears in any country with a good welfare system, this Newmarket is filled with people who exploit loopholes so they get more money from the government. In Australia, people who do this are called Dole-bludgers.
Mate, I live in a Newmarket...
by Bman111 April 17, 2017
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Town Famed for Horse racing. Full of vertically challenged would be jockeys bred from the towns limited gene pool. Many are gambling alcoholics and try and pick fights with people who are twice their height.
by ozwold November 25, 2004
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1. metaphoric term that describes something galaxy-far away
2. a nation of its own; usually very distant and pugnacious
3. a slang term for an immense field for grazing cows
4. a irreversible step one can never come back from or a place that is never commutable
related words: Austria, Dan Chong
by Soohoon April 14, 2004
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(n) small bohemian town in New Hampshire, home to many students at the University of New Hampshire. Often called "new-mar-KET", in a mock French Canadian accent.
I'm in Newmarket now, but I'm goin' over to Dover in an hour or so.
by KazamaSmokers April 08, 2005
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a small town about 20 miles south of minneapolis.. theres 1 nice neighbiorrhood (rowena ponds) nestled inside this SHIT HOLE of a town. there is a park called wagner park and its falling apart from, druggies and such. laura piehl should be the mayor, and such. theres 3 bars and a liquor store. a dominos, a gas station, and an anytime fitnes. theres a coke vending machine somewhere in the mess.
wanna get fucked up in new market?

dude, new market is as small as your tits.
by WaitingInRowena March 07, 2011
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