A town located in Ontario, Canada which was founded by Quaker settlers in 1801. Name originates from the mills that were built to supply the local residents, becoming the 'new market' as opposed to Toronto, which was the 'old market'.

Newmarket is not a bedroom community as many people think. Newmarket has plenty of attractions, sights, and is rich in history.
Hometown Newmarket, who you got huh?
by 2dFx February 10, 2005
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(n) small bohemian town in New Hampshire, home to many students at the University of New Hampshire. Often called "new-mar-KET", in a mock French Canadian accent.
I'm in Newmarket now, but I'm goin' over to Dover in an hour or so.
by KazamaSmokers April 8, 2005
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Town Famed for Horse racing. Full of vertically challenged would be jockeys bred from the towns limited gene pool. Many are gambling alcoholics and try and pick fights with people who are twice their height.
by ozwold November 26, 2004
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A slang term for any place that is dodgy and is all round unsafe. If a Newmarket appears in any country with a good welfare system, this Newmarket is filled with people who exploit loopholes so they get more money from the government. In Australia, people who do this are called Dole-bludgers.
Mate, I live in a Newmarket...
by Bman111 April 18, 2017
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a suburb in Melbourne's west, best known for its multiculturalism, when people visit newmarket they usually call it a "newmarket ditch"
age - hey Q
Q - eyy
age - are we giving it a newmarket ditch later?
Q - ahaha yeah sounds good bro
by Geovan April 13, 2008
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Typically occurs when a girl is going down on you, and she inadvertently gags while sucking on your balls. While gagging, her gag reflex causes her to regurgitate and throw up on your package as you cum; and in the process, cannot stop cumming during ejaculation.
DB 1: "So what happened last night with that Biddy you took home from Libby's?"

DB 2: "Well, she started polishing my knob, then started going off on my plumbs."

DB 1: "And...."

DB 2: "...and I basically ended up with the ole' Newmarket Jambalaya......."

DB 1: "Oh Shit!. Hey man, same thing happened to me last week. No harm done."
by Hession April 2, 2011
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