3 definitions by ozwold

Boring Prime Minister who did not a lot other than paved the way for an even worse Prime Minister. Told us all to refrain from adultery whilst he did otherwise. Tony Blairs Scapegoat for all thats wrong with Britain a decade later. Erm, thats about it.
Why did John Major have a stomach ache? He was always eating dodgy Currie
by ozwold November 26, 2004
Town Famed for Horse racing. Full of vertically challenged would be jockeys bred from the towns limited gene pool. Many are gambling alcoholics and try and pick fights with people who are twice their height.
by ozwold November 26, 2004
Cum in a girls eyes so they rub them that hard they have red rings around them then put them outside to rummage in the bins
Just racooned my bird and now she’s in the bins
by ozwold February 9, 2022