A misleading way of saying that something is either used, refurbished or any other form of not actually being new.
Enjoy your new to you rusted piece of junk!
by Anon Emus November 14, 2006
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A used item, that's given to you, therefore making it new for you.
Person 1 : I didn't feel like buying Kevin a gift so i gave him one of my old ties.
Person 2 : I always give him "new for you "clothes.
by Yulan September 08, 2009
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When someone pisses you off real bad, you go home and remove them from your friends from social network sites (ie: Facebook).
"Did you see the pictures of Jim on MySpace?"
"No, I'm not friends with him anymore since I gave him the new age fuck you."
by Denied616 November 22, 2009
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Having sex with your sibling while you're pumping your own gas.
Jake: Hey dude why weren't you at the Miley Cyrus concert yesterday?

Ryan: Oh, sorry. I was giving my sister a New Jersey "Thank You".
by IncestWill June 18, 2017
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