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Beautiful, historic, and partying. It does stink in some places and it is dirty, but aren't all major cities that way? Thats the price we pay for all night booze. Best rave scene in the late 90's. Can't beat the atmosphere. There are a lot of dangerous ghettos. You can tell- just avoid them.
bourbon street, canal street, st. charles
by doodoo July 26, 2004
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obession with sex; has to have it at all times.
I told my physchaitrist I was cheating with three different men and couldn't stop. She told me, I may be a nymphomaniac or for short a nypho.
by doodoo February 15, 2005
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Word of enthusiasm following a scored goal in UT2k4, with text-to-speech enabled; a replacement for 'nice'.

Windows' Microsoft Sam synthesis feature says nize in a myriad of ways when punctuation is added, such as exclamation points and question marks.
Holy shit! Around the rim, nothing butthole, NIZE!
by doodoo October 22, 2004
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