Going over to someone's house while they are watching Netflix and killing them
"Hey want to come over for some Netflix and kill?"
"You mean Netflix and chill?
(Goes to their house and kills them)
by Hun2er November 9, 2015
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When you chill with bae then kill them
Just had netflix and kill with Macayla
by An Dank Meme November 30, 2015
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(n.) a category of Netflix and Chill, the social phenomenon of watching serial killer documentaries on Netflix with a romantic love interest.

Often initiated by a young woman who wants to send a message to their crush: "I'm cute, edgy, and I have the tools to kill you should you mess with me." Has caused a boom in the number of millennials with an interest the heinous crimes of psychopaths.
Lucy: Netflix and Kill?
Brian: Hell yea, lets learn to hide bodies
by nolandc September 16, 2019
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The feeling you get when you're loading a movie to watch on Netflix, and the internet goes down.
I was all set to watch this new movie on Netflix, and then the internet crashed and now I want to Netflix and Kill someone.
by PoisonPurple May 11, 2016
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Enjoying some down time by watching a horror film on Netflix
Having a Netflix & Kill night- watching the entire Saw series and finishing with the Purge.
by Scrubby-dog September 23, 2018
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