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A highly intelligent, yet often misunderstood, person. Often seen camping out in the hallways near their math professor's office engaged in highly stimulating conversations on esoteric, yet important (they would say), issues dominating the math world.

If upon sighting a nerdbone, one is to proceed with much caution, as any if hint of politeness-- or what one may call friendship--is hinted at, the nerdbone quickly follows with lengthy conversation, usually involving several math, sports, or some irrelevant science references.

Often seen driving Ford Tauruses, lunching on Jack-in-the-box, and at the grocery store with their mom. Highly proficient in nerdbonics.
Tom: Did you see they were coming out with a new Star Wars movie?

Bob: No.

Bill: Did you know, that by the laws defined by Cauchy, et al. laid down in the spectacular book " Scientific Knowledge for the Socially Inept", that laser guns...

Tom: Hey, nerdbone, is that your Taurus being towed?
by nerdbone January 17, 2011
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