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a homosapian who purchases a guitar with the dream of becoming a professional, but only looks up tabs of their favourite songs and doesn't learn anything about playing the guitar in a becoming manner that would afford them the techniques needed to become a professional
If Cornelious was a Tabbie he would only play songs by The Who
by Issah May 21, 2006
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An amazingly beautiful person who everyone wants to be friends with. She’s extremely kind but can be rude at times but she has the warmest heart you’ll ever see in a human. Her looks make others extremely jealous but she doesn’t notice because she’s modest. She’s kind,funny,smart and all the things you look for in a soulmate. Ask anyone, a Tabbie is wifey material.
Dude 1:Jesus Christ, did u see Tabbie yesterday? She was so godamn sexy!
Dude 2:I think I got a boner when I saw her!
by HUNCHOLINI🧞‍♂️🌀 March 25, 2019
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