In spanish, a slang for no
Do you like light beer? (¿Te gusta la cerveza light?)
by puerkiller March 17, 2005
Acronym for: Not Even Lying. Used to emphasize a point by reassuring one's truthfulness in a statement.
"loper is such a hacker, nel." "seriously? nel?" "srsly, nel."
by Abeatmoc April 13, 2009
fresnel, fres, land of frez, fresnology.

One half of the ancient fresnel people. The Nel are very rare in America. The more common fres are considered more dangerous though.
Did you catch a look at that Nel??!!

Wow. No.
by 511q d00d April 14, 2005
U such a nel
by nel March 17, 2015
Nel is a name to describe the coolest person on earth, no cap.
B: Oh look its that Nel girl
J: Omg im going to ask for an autograph!
by uhohstinki October 30, 2019
Scandanavian male name. Swedish for Champion. Different from Neils, Nails and Nells. Not short for Nelson and is not a nickname of any sort. Sometimes Nels can be subsituted for Nine Inch Nels. Most people find this to be a cool name.
Nel is someone you can really talk to. He will listen and give you his best advice. Nel is a very wise guy. Not to mention he is very funny, and can't help but make everyone laugh. Nel also knows how to make people feel important. Not only is he kick ass at video games but he is also a kick ass friend. If you find a Nel keep him close. Nel will always be be there when you need him. That's just what Nel does. Let's not forget that Nel will be the most genuine, caring person you will ever meet.
Girl: Nel listened to everything I had to say and gave me the best advice.

Boy: yeah thats Nel for you.

Girl: I wish everyone could have a Nel.

Boy: yeah.
by DeadpoolIsMyMine<3 February 17, 2016