In spanish, a slang for no
Do you like light beer? (¿Te gusta la cerveza light?)
by puerkiller March 17, 2005
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Acronym for: Not Even Lying. Used to emphasize a point by reassuring one's truthfulness in a statement.
"loper is such a hacker, nel." "seriously? nel?" "srsly, nel."
by Abeatmoc April 13, 2009
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fresnel, fres, land of frez, fresnology.

One half of the ancient fresnel people. The Nel are very rare in America. The more common fres are considered more dangerous though.
Did you catch a look at that Nel??!!

Wow. No.
by 511q d00d April 14, 2005
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U such a nel
by nel March 17, 2015
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Nel is a name to describe the coolest person on earth, no cap.
B: Oh look its that Nel girl
J: Omg im going to ask for an autograph!
by uhohstinki October 30, 2019
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Scandanavian male name. Swedish for Champion. Different from Neils, Nails and Nells. Not short for Nelson and is not a nickname of any sort. Sometimes Nels can be subsituted for Nine Inch Nels. Most people find this to be a cool name.
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A beautiful, intelligent, stunning, hilarious girl that every boy simps for.
Nel is my bitch!!
by Simpin_boyz June 24, 2020
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