Negus is a title in the Eritrean and northern Ethiopia Semitic languages. It denotes a monarch, such as the Bahri Negasi of the Medri Bahri kingdom in pre-1890 Eritrea, and the negus in pre-1974 Ethiopia. The negus is referred to as An-Najashi in the Islamic tradition
I was banned for saying negus on a server and they did not let me explain.
by negus describ January 12, 2021
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small creature that lives in the woods, feeds mainly on toads but occasinally eats the odd cow or two
omg that negus jus riped a cows head off!
by haha September 16, 2004
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negus means nigga in a less obvious way.
I am negus
by I am negus November 14, 2018
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Negus is both a single and plural for n-word, born in the wild depths of general chat in Heroes of the Storm (a Blizzard MOBA). Since actual n-word or any of its derivatives would be automatically censored, 'negus' was the ingenious creation of gchat users to facilitate communications between themselves. Used instead of n-word most of the time, but can be as well just spammed to confuse other users, pretending it means something completely different. Currently 'negus' holds spam competition with Raynor jokes (another HotS meme). May be used in other online game chats.
Jesus was a grand negus, my negus.

If u put some respek on my negus, my negus will do the same to u.
Me negus don't always play tank to solo wipe a lane. But when I do, I play murky.
by yoloswag69(negus) January 18, 2017
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Meaning "to reign” or a “king”. The good n-word.
Everyone who’s reading this is a negus
by Miner3453 December 30, 2021
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