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a condition which arises when a mans pubic hair extends onto his shaft like sideburns - prevalent in italians and other typically hairy nationalities.
Guy #1: I'm hoping to get a bj from this slut tonight.

Guy #2: Well you better trim your cockburns or the poor girl might cough up a hairball.
by Rooster41 March 21, 2006

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A white woman who is only attracted to black men.
That negrophile on the hunt for some blacksnake tonight! She got the jungle fever something wicked!!!
by Rooster41 February 26, 2006

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A black person whose skin is so dark that it appears as if God dipped them in chocolate an extra time. Generally seen in people straight out of Africa.
Their basketball team just recruited a player from Kenya. He's 8 feet tall and double-dipped!
by Rooster41 March 21, 2006

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