Usually used in rejecting a statement that is henous or obscene.
Chick 1: Hey I heard you and that dude are going out.
Chick 2: Negative Ghostrider, I did him, I wouldn't date him!!
by jackal88 February 10, 2010
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The act of using a sleeping males hand to mastubate with until they wake up. At which point you slap them in the face and yell "negative ghost rider".
Danny decided to give jim a negative ghost rider.
by KWilfong1 July 21, 2016
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A version of the ghostrider, a sexual position where a girl is riding a guy while she has a sheet over her. Instead the man is behind the woman while she is on her knees doggy style, still covered with a sheet.
We were doing the Negative Ghostrider when she hit her head because she couldn't see.
by Flash Man August 03, 2008
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