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A awesome racing and cop chasing game. The aim of the game is to get your ride back from a pink slip race that was fixed from a street racer named razor. He used your ride to get to number 1 on the blacklist. The blacklist consists of the top 15 racers wanted by the police. You must work your way up from number 15 to 1 only then can you challenge him for a chance at getting your ride back. A big part of the blacklist is bounty. You can get bounty by getting into police pursuits and cause enough chaos to increasce your bounty. The cops have many different tactics to catch you like roadblocks, and spike strips. Their are also different levels of police. They are 1-5. 1 is regular civic cruisers. 2 are the same but completley black and undercover. 3 are state police driving a Pontiac GTO. 4 are same but black and use spike strips. 5 are Chevrolet Corvette's federal police. This is the max but their are also 6 and 7. 6 is after you beat razor and are black Corvette's and numerous SUV's. 7 are all police SUV's and are only availiable on black edition challenge series number 69. Sergeant Cross is the most skilled driver of the cops and will direct the strategies used against you. Once you beat razor you are chased by level 6 cops which you must evade to beat the game.
Player playing need for speed most wanted: Yeah I just beat razor!
Oh no!! LVL 6 COPS!
by MR cool November 25, 2006
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The most realistic cop chase game in the world. And not a bad tuner game.
Mother: "Honey can you come down for dinner?"
Child: "No mother, i'm too busy getting chased by cops in need for speed most wanted."
by Christopher Arbizu May 20, 2006
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