adjective used to describe something completely awesome; greatest of the great.

A nerd reference to The Criterion Collection, a company founded in 1984 that distributes "authoritative" consumer versions of important classic and contemporary films by many of the world's most important directors.
Mom, you've outdone yourself this Thanksgiving. That meal was totally Criterion.

Believe me, Sarah is a Criterion lay.
by cheecheejotchers October 22, 2008
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There are two meanings for 'criterion'.

1. A series of criteria set out on an assignment sheet, usually found in a high school setting;
2. A fictional character brought to life in a Legal Studies class at a Queensland private school. Criterion has a small round body with large teeth. He is also the promoter of Criterion Cereal which can be found at your local supermarket. Criterion has an arch nemesis known as Assessment.
Girl: Oh my GOSH! You just ate a criterion!
Boy: I did not, my Chemistry assignment is still in my bag, you idiot.
by SockEater September 6, 2006
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The Mayfair Criterion, a mathematical formula dictating university life:

If funny = Do
The Mayfair Criterion: If Funny = Do
by Charlie694 April 18, 2015
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Criterion Grill: A term used to describe a sexual maneouvre where a man is 'grilled' between 2 girls. 'Grilling' involves Girl A rubbing herself upon the man's face, while Girl B takes the 'cowgirl' position...
The term originated amongst students in Picadilly, after the fabled antics of the head waiter at the Criterion Grill in Picadilly.
The question 'have you eaten at the Criterion Grill in Piccadilly?' is a popular opening gambit to discover whether a man/woman is interested in a sexual liaison.
Aww man, FRAN and Suzie gave me the full Criterion Grill last night, it was bitchin'
by Joshtherower May 31, 2009
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