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1. Never beating off (an acronym)

2. NBO Studios, a pre-eminent film production studio
1. Dude 1: its the first day of lent and i'm already struggling...
Dude 2: what did u give up?
Dude 1: nbo mothafucka

by weezy 24/7 February 25, 2009
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Nothing Better On; A term used when one is watching a television show that person feels neutral upon due to the fact that there is nothing else to watch; interchangable with NEO (nothing else on).
Galen: What's going on over there?
Evan: Not much, watching iCarly.
Galen: You watch that?
Evan: NBO.
Galen: Ah.
by Evan Davis December 16, 2008
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gone to the market to steal from the little hott boy dressed in a potato sack on the corner next to muellers to which you'll steal his zucchini bread and take it to 54 54 54 zoo lane and have intercourse with merulia.
We were bored last saturday so we went to NBO but wtf it turned out to be banana bread so the merulia said hell naw.
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National Bitchout. This term originated somewhere in eastern Canada in the early 21st century.
"Yo man, did you see that sick nbo today?"
"Ya man I saw it"
by Sandwich of Tomorrow February 11, 2007
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