short for "No Big Deal!" when talking (not necesarily online, say NBDNoBigDeal. all smooshed together like that. possibly in a sarcastic manner.
1. A. Omigosh! i cannot believe i forgot my paper at home
B. Dont even worry about it. NBD. No Big.

2. okay so i ran 8 miles at track today NBD, no big deal. (sarcastic tone)
by Megan! March 23, 2005
No Big Deal; If something happends and its not a big deal.
"Yeah its nbD to me, Enemy Territories"
by Logan.G aka trnx March 27, 2007

Often used in the act of peer pressure. While it is a simple acronym, NBD is essential to the comradery of a community of friends, bros, hos, sisters, and so forth.
Person A: "Time to drink"
Person B: "i dont feel like it"
Person A: NBD Son...or forfeit your mancard
Person B: *sigh* okay
by iammedan February 3, 2009
Nigga Black Dick:

the acronym NBD can used in any situation where the dark ones are. NBD is highly affective as a way for whites to make fun of darks without them knowing because whites are scared.
hey chad, look at all the NBD's in here, shouldnt they be in jail?

yea man, im nervous...wanna go to starbuck before getting those new khakis from the GAP?
by k-nig May 3, 2008
Nunc boogerus dentorum = It's time to chew a booger.
Hey, Lou, I'm bored. NBD?
by Steve Hoglund July 2, 2007
NBD means:
and it should soon become the next LOL pretty soon.
"Thanks so much!"
"No problem, NBD."
"What does that mean?"
"No Big Deal."
by Bridget13 September 10, 2011
NBDS or otherwise known as “Never been to Dallas syndrome” is popular disease among people who claim to be Dallas Cowboys fans despite having never actually visited the city of Dallas, Texas.
Larry claims to be a Cowboys fan despite suffering from a crippling case of NBDS
by WeekendSweep January 16, 2022