6 definitions by Stickycarseats

A swimmer’s body. Usually featuring a freakishly long torso.
Yo Brad looks like a half baked noodle out there. What a swimmer’s bod
by Stickycarseats December 16, 2019
That feeling you get when you gotta drop a couple stinky logs.
Hey babe i'll be back in like 20 min to bring you to pound town. I'm feeling a bit ass-nauseous right now.
by Stickycarseats November 10, 2020
Road Dome Legends Club. When you get schlopy top while driving a vehicle over 100mph
Yo Brad, last night I nutted all over the windshield after I was inducted into the RDLC
by Stickycarseats January 30, 2019
Pleasuring a female with tres fingers. Bound to make a mother orgasm.
Your mom squirted so fast last night when I trifingered her
by Stickycarseats January 30, 2019