4 definitions by naami

1. Disney character
2. 9th planet from the sun
3. Acronym for "Playas like us Taking over"
I love Pluto to the death of me, the cartoon, the planet, and them niccas with the 12 girlfriends...fuck he think he is, Giacomo Casanova.
by naami April 28, 2006
Showcasing the ability to acquire knowledge. Being up for the challenge.
"Man, homeboy jumped out the porsche looking namitri!".
Babygurl with the 4.0 g.p.a. walked out of Psych class on that namitri tip, so confident.
by naami April 28, 2006
Derogatory term used to describe a punk, a pussy, a wimp, peon, weak ass nicca...ya dig!
Quit being a kurr Bush, tell'em what you really mean.
by naami April 28, 2006
The feeling that one gets dizzy and wants to throw up after surfing the internet nonstop for a long time.
Surfing the net nonstop for three hours made her net nauseous.
net nauseous (adj)
by naami August 26, 2014