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an odd ball and a person with extremely lecherous thoughts.
being one's "own homie" is not a good thing it's called a multiple personality.
Nauras Jabbari= the worlds only living one of his kind....well maybe when he dies he'll have an asian reincarnation??
by aCARii April 20, 2005
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extremely hot, y, cool person with cool friends. He likes to play video games and to listen to music. He likes to hit on hot s and likes em. He is his hommie.
"Call me if you're hot"
by nauras March 25, 2005
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A passionate girl who can be a little irrational or
A girl who doesn't quite know her place yet, but will soon find it or
Usually a Cancer or
Doesn't know the difference between saying "Actually" or "Ashley" or
A messy girl obsessed with acrylic nails
Beautiful or
"Wow, that beautiful girl over there is such a Naura", said Tom.
by N.Y Nora July 03, 2018
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