Someone that likes being naked. Naturist may be used more specifically to refer to those that get naked to feel closer to nature, however in most cases is interchangeable with nudist.
Because of the controversy of nudity in America, many naturist resorts there locate in obscure locations.
by Zatu October 25, 2005
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Someone that you wouldn't want to see naked, but who gets naked anyway.
Upon seeing his elderly neighbours Dave and Doreen at a local naturist meet, Stevie proceeded to head home immediately and apply bleach to his own eyes, in order to scrub the mental scars away from himself.
by Noncondolphin December 31, 2020
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John: I'm going to the nude beach.
Amy: Oh, you're a nudist?
John: No, I'm a naturist, peasant.
by Ajhatch February 23, 2010
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Naturistic is a real word but it sounds made it. Kax101 AJ said this word on a stream.
by Frozenfan724(9) July 10, 2021
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Where a person who has ran out of ideas to save trees or a nature preserve and has to go to extmere mesasures. Naturistic Masterbation is where a strong point is being made and to stop the man and to give in to his demands. Even if it means getting into nature.
Oh my god! Will that guy stop Naturistic Masterbating. Just let the man be with his trees!
by Mark Jackson. January 17, 2009
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