October 23rd is National Croc Day. This means everyone across the United States of America should wear a pair of Crocs on this day!
Person one: Hey, do you have an extra pair of Crocs for National Croc Day?

Person two: Hell yeah my nigga!! What color you want? I got black, red, yellow, and camo.

Person one: I'll take camo so I can look like a badass.
by Mr. Croc September 20, 2013
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The day when everyone in the galaxy must wear crocs to show that they are truly a hero. On January 22 2018
Damn son where you cop those fresh crocs???? Ima get some on national crocs day
by Drfrrdh January 21, 2018
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Monday April 24th 2017 is National Crocs Day!
person 1: hey nigga, have any xtra crocs i can where tomorrow for National Crocs Day?

person 2: ahh hell yeah... which colour? ive got pink, red, and mary jane crocs.

person 1: i'll wear the mary jane crocs so ppl know that i have swag 👈😎👈
by jimho April 23, 2017
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when you wear your crocs on may 17 to represent stupidity and memes
cant wait to wear my crocs on national crocs day
by thatswhatsgood October 10, 2018
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National Crocs Day! Wear crocs and slap anyone who does not wear them!!!
by Cooliogirl October 22, 2019
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January 28th… the day everyone wears crocs! EVERYONE that means you, ya granny, yer pawpaw and ya mother. Even that ugly ass dog u got!
“Hey bro u got any spare crocs for today? yk it’s National Croc Day today right?” “Of course man! What color u want i got em all. I even got them flippin floppers, only in red though.” “damn bro i’ll take the flippin flappers so everyone knows im swag with my dogs hangin’ out😎💪.”
by sandmachine January 27, 2022
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This day is celebrated all across the world and it is the 22 of November every year. You have to where your crocs everywhere
“Yo bruh you got a pair of crocs for national croc day”. “Nah g”. “ it’s alright I got some extra”. “ I got the fake grass ones and the leopard print ones which u want?” “ I want the fake grass ones coz u wanna swag on the normal ones”. “Ok here they are g. I can hook u up nexd time I u want the leopard print ones”. “Thanks bro”.
by Therealjoemumma November 20, 2019
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