The muscular criminal black guy in Half-Baked who tries to ass rape Kenny and is beaten up by Squirrel Master.
Nasty Nate is a stupid criminal just like Kobe Bryant
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Nasty Nate is your worst nightmare in prison. He's big, black & loves fish. He models swimwear & puts out a calendar for his next victims.

You're new in prison & he's gonna want your cocktail... FRUIT!

He can be found, accompanied by the theme of Jaws.. lurking. He's known to be hung like a cob of corn
I heard that Nasty Nate is releasing a new calendar next month.. but that tomorrow he's gonna release his cocktail fruit.. on yo face!
by the_k_man75 September 11, 2014
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A creature native to Eau Claire, Wisconsin but can often be found anywhere around the upper midwest of the United States. He is hyperactive, mostly nocturnal, and incredibly unpredictable. Other than being found scavenging supplies in bars and liquor stores late at night, it is quite rare to see him outside of his den.
Although most think him a myth told to scare children straight, every liquor store cashier in the area swears they've actually seen Nasty Nate in person.
by Man, myth, and legend April 15, 2020
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When a man is having sex with a woman WITH a condom on, the man cums in the condom, pulls out, takes the condom off and smacks the girl across the face with the dirty condom, either vaginal or anal sex, variations accepted with different positions.
Nasty Nate
by bluehazed61420 May 13, 2009
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The most intensly hardcore person in the whole 'bury. Possibly even the 'view too.
Man your intense, but your no Nasty Nate
by Dragon Tamer April 26, 2004
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That bad motha who RUNS ATC like a mofo.
A person who always wants to toss salad and slurp on fruit cocktail
What a guy!!
Here comes Nasty Nate, hide your goodies!!!
'You nasty, Nate' 'I don't care!'
by el duce December 02, 2004
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