complaining continuously and loudly on an issue based on a confused understanding, and minimal knowledge, of the underlying issues.
His nashing is disrupting every meeting, someone needs to teach him to act like a professional.
by Guns is good August 25, 2010
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1. When two males rub their penises together


2. When males flirt and complement one another, particularly management in an office corridor
1. Gay men getting home and nashing after meeting in a bar.

2. "I like that report that you put together for the GM", male 1. "I thought it was ok but I can never produce one as good as yours", male 2. This tyype of "flirting" indicates that two otherwise straight men would like to be nashing with one another in the copy room.

Then a lame joke ensues and they talk about the hobby that they pretend to have in common (e.g. yachting)
by Sealbythesea February 26, 2009
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Whining obliviously about issues one is not fully aware of does not have a stake in to the point of being a complete ignoranyt pain in the ass
The meeting dragged on by one persons nashing about his co-workers office layout.
by Guns is good August 25, 2010
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To nash is to rub one's nipples against another being or object sensually or threateningly in a matter of reflection, release, or fun.
"Oh jeez!" "Oh man!" "That nashing did the trick!" "Well, see ya same time tomorrow, kid."
by I'm Not Giving You My Name! March 29, 2009
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1. Quickly transitioning from a calm state of mind to an enormous freakout over technology not working or the discovery of something new that you know you don't really need but you have to have it.

2. The act of taking a serious moment and making yourself appear as a retarded/spazstic person to enable a conversation stopper.
Why is he over there nashing like crazy?
Oh, he just discovered he had a virus on his computer.

Do you want to go to bestbuy and nash on some new stuff?

Will you stop nashing and let me talk about the STD I just contacted?
by chowderfuck August 27, 2011
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Nashing is exactly the same at Rick Rolling. You post a link to a Nash Grier youtube video, vine video, or instagram picture, in order to get the same result as Rick Rolling a person. This also works when using a vine video, youtube video, or instagram picture of one of his friends as well.

Nashing was created by a Tumblr user on Feb. 2nd, 2014.
Person A: Hey Jackie! We are Nashing Steve and Julie!
Person B: Yeah we are! Wait they responded! *starts to laugh*
Person A: *Laughing* You should get in here and read this!
by grimmnova February 02, 2014
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