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Pryce;A very sweet boy any girl would be lucky to have him, everything he usually says comes out sweet.He can usually start a convo very easy hes a very fun person to get along with hes a very random person sometimes but pryce is a very, nice, sweet, loveing guy.
by (~DDC^BB~) July 26, 2011
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A young boy who is a little strange and calls out the color of every slug bug he sees. A pryce can have the tendency to annoy a person and has an odd obsession with War Craft. At times a pryce is very useful to have to assist with difficult duties and to give a decent back massage. Overall, a person is lucky to have a pryce, even if they get irritated with the pryce.
Dude, stop being a pryce
by Jorjuh August 17, 2008
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pryce is a boy that is very annoying stay away from him he talks to him self every day......he has NO FRIENDS WHAT SO EVER
pryce; oh boy

kids ; shut up pryce

pryce; i get that alot so it doesnt bother me

kids; just shut up!!
by an awesome person1010 October 02, 2018
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