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The sluggishness one often feels after taking a nap when the body wants to stay asleep for the long haul but the afternoon's activities are calling. Combination of nap and hangover, obviously.

Feels how one might imagine feeling at the bottom of the ocean, under a pile of rocks, or waking up from a roofie. The potential negative effect of a disco nap.

Can usually be avoided by careful monitering of nap-length to no more than half an hour, or by getting enough sleep and needing no naps at all.
Miranda has plans to go out tonight, but has a napover and feels like a slug.
by Shmookie May 04, 2009
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A not entirely innocent sleep over at someone else's house, generally occurring after a night out when one is not entirely forthcoming about their late night sleeping arrangements.

Used most often by girls who are slightly embarrassed about their activities.
Katie: Suzy, did you have a nap over at Tim's last night?
Suzy: (blushes) yip (giggles)
Katie: (giggles)
by Danthewise December 14, 2012
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Like a sleepover but during the day. Also a hangover-like feeling after napping.
I went over to Anna's house today for a napover. It was a blast!
by SilverSpindrift August 23, 2014
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itz when u sleep all fuckin day and when u finally wake up u kant walk rite and u r still sleepy
i jus had a 5 hour powernap, and dude i got a mad napover
by Dylan Rulez Dude January 26, 2010
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The irritable feeling you have immediately after waking up from a nap but wears off quickly.
Little Amy woke up with a bad napover, so don't make fat jokes for at least five more minutes
by ProfessorA March 09, 2011
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the feeling of being super tired even after a long ass nap.
may contain more yawns then normal. comes from english origin of nap+hangover.
Man im so tired and I even took a long ass nap today, goddamn napover
by @swiftdiddles January 12, 2012
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