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A nandini is super sweet and kind, but doesnt like to show it. All she needs is a little love.
I wish nandini is my friend. She is such a sweetheart.
by 15253545 August 26, 2017
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Nandini is a beautiful very pleasing person. She can sing and dance like no other and displays her talents to many people. She is generally very shy at first but once you open up to her she is very bubbly and fun. Her beauty radiates within and out. She also has a very funny sense of humour which brings a smile to every ones faces.
"OMG is that Nandini!"
"OMG that is I wish I was as pretty as her
by 1343407 June 18, 2019
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In Sanskrit, it means daughter. It is generally used as a first name for girls. The root, nand, refers to delight, pleasure, enjoyment.
In Hindu mythology, Nandini (Sanskrit: ????????, "the enjoying") is the name of a wish-granting cow.

Girls with this name generally are unexpectedly beautiful. They tend to be the center of conversation and extremely outgoing. Everyone loves to spend time with "Nandini" because her smart, sweet and humble ways win friends.
Is Nandini coming to the party? I hope so. She is so perfect.
by Chillin' November 17, 2007
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Typically a girls name in Sanskrit, meaning enjoyment. A girl who is named Nandini is beautiful, sexy, and confident. She’s the life of the party, and is definitely a keeper.
Guys have you seen the new girl Nandini, she is sooo sexy.
by Szayn May 17, 2018
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A girl who is mad annoying all the time, shes a nerd and thinks shes always right. Shes also a midget
Nandini: " The square root of 25 is 5"
Everyone else: " NERDDDD"
by gayfu June 15, 2018
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