The most amazing human ever to exist. She's so beautiful and smart and everyone loves her more than life. A natural crowd pleaser, Nacy sure knows how to get the party going. All in all, she's fucking awesome.
Boy #1: Oh shit, that girl over there is so hot and smart so she can tutor me."
Boy #2: "Hell ya bro, that's a Nacy right there."
by baloobathewhale April 10, 2016
She's a hoe who wil sleep with anyone and anything that breathes. She smells like dead fish and has the most annoying voice. Everyone hates her.
Guy #1: damn nacy's pussy smells like dead fish.
Guy #2: ikr! i almost passed out from the smell.
by breadlover_24 September 21, 2014
The most kind hearted person ever. Will always be there for you and cherish you.
Naciely is there for you.
by Lake penance September 11, 2019
A good looking thick blonde girl with a very big batty, she is popular with many friends. She shows effection and cares for people. She has a strict, overprotective father who is very scary.
I really like her but she's a bit of a naci
by Ugrjsgbjkreicid June 7, 2017
An idiot. Someone who only has one brain cell.
Gross. It’s a Naci”
by RichieToaster June 9, 2020
Best Soup Player to Ever Touch The Game.

Most Feared Player on Munchy
Have you seen that Nacie person, they are so good wtf?
by Nacier July 11, 2021
The act of a girl sucking your big man so sloppy that the slobber goes all over her face and in her eye.
Dog that was so nasty. last night lala gave me a negative nacy!
by Justwwinbaby January 9, 2011