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Table salt, from the chemical formula for it, NaCl.
My doctor warned me about using that nackle, so I use garlic to add a little zip to my soup instead.
by pentozali May 05, 2008
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The way a lot of african americans pronounce "Nigger" or "Nigga"...
Nickum or Nackum
Come here my nackle...
Whassup my nackle...


Hey Nackum....,
Hey Nickum
by NunnayoBizzy October 12, 2004
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When sweat mixes with dead skin on the balls forming a substance like dry-wall
My Nackcle was so thick i could plaster my walls with it
by Pak_Chooie_Unf October 06, 2003
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short for tabernacles, mainly to describe how awesome and bodacious a holy man (or woman) is.

may also be used as a way to remark on a tabernacle

Organist: Did you see Father Tuck's nackles last Sunday? He got it going on.

Altar Boy: Yeah, I saw his nackle. It was clean and holy.
by jeanette marie June 19, 2008
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