Person with religious or sexual feelings towards nVIDIA products.

Person claiming any nVIDIA product is superior regardless of test results and common knowledge.
1. Can't you see the ATI 9700 Pro is far superior to the GeForce 4, you nVidiot?

2. That nVidiot claims his GeForce 2 got him 15000 3Dmarks (see 3dmark)
by FauSt_ January 8, 2003
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A person obsessed with video cards made by nVidia.
That Joe is such an nVidiot, he got the nVidia GForce 5950 instead of the ATI Radeon 9800XT!
by Gimme RADEON or gimme DEATH December 11, 2003
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Absolute idiot who thinks NVIDIA cards are superior in every way to AMD cards.
Lol he bought a 1650, what an nVidiot
by Liason-1 June 1, 2019
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A slang term used for people hardcore obsessed with nvidia cards even though they use an antiquedated archtexture. Similar to intel and microsoft. The real choice for a good card is OBVIOUSLY ATI for two reasons: they're generally ahead in the speed race, and even when nvidia is ahead in the speed race, ATI cards handle heating a LOT better (just over clock.)

The only defense the Nvidiot has that I credit is that nvidia has done a lot for the linux gaming world, and god bless them for that, and that alone.
The nvidiots only defense is nvidias support of linux!
by paul November 1, 2004
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"Derogatory" term abused by overzealous fans of the Canadian graphics company ATI to label those individuals who say anything positive or non-accusatory about ATI's main competitor, NVIDIA, regardless of whether or not the individuals actually feel any loyalty or esteem towards NVIDIA. In addition, the term is often used by ATI's cult fanbase to describe anyone who owns an NVIDIA graphics card.
"He was trying to convince them that a 7800GT is faster than a Rage 128. Haha only nvidiots would fall for such BS"
by 700stg March 24, 2006
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