Being an idiot and absolute idiot are two different things. Being an idiot is just doing dumb shit all the time. Being an absolute idiot is someone who is reading this entire description on what being an absolute idiot means.
Jadyn is an absolute idiot. No seriously, that girl needs to read a book or smth...”
by DefinitelyNotHailey May 15, 2021
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i apologize for my past definitions for anyone who had to see them.

😀 they're so weird

🧎 ♀️🧎 ♀️🧎 ♀️ i promise kpop fans are not like that

😟 i was just going through a weird phase


(also real definition of an absolute idiot is someone who is truly so stupid that they do the most questionable things ever with no hesitation e.g., me)
person 1: omg did you hear about that really cringy person who made weird definitions??

person 2: yea theyre an absolute idiot

person 1: fr
by an absolute idiot April 20, 2021
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