Anyone being described as 31 an taut with an extreme case of dwarf hands, may also sleep with silky blue blankets and have the quickest size 7's in the Nothern Hemisphere.
Adam: Look at that n00b helping them move.

Scott: Damn he is a 31 and taut piece of heaven send from the good lord above

Adam: They say when he moves his feet, time slows to a stand still.

Scott: Look at those hands though, freakishly small.

Adam: Whatever you do not look directly at mia hams

Scott: AHHH my eyes

Pauly: Stop bitching is just "Gin Sweetie"
by Shunnydun August 31, 2011
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Anybody who looks up this word.
guy 1. hey whats a n00b?
guy 2. You.

(guy 2 walks away.)
by anahhnymous April 07, 2008
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A term which refers to a first time player of a game, or a player who relies on spraying to kill everyone else. Often has not used the terms "boomstick" or "I just PWNED you". N00bs are pwned by pros, and are known to become frustrated at times. Note that some players are only n00bs at certain games, and are not bad at every game.
Example 1
-playing Call Of Duty 4-
Jordan: Foley, what are you doing?
Foley: I'm spraying

Example 2
-playing Guitar Hero 3-
Shane: Time to pwn some n00bs on Through The Fire And Flames :)
Random dude: I LIKEZ GH3!
Shane: yeah I hope you "likez" TTFAF too
Random dude: OH NOZZZ!!
Shane: LOL n00b pwnage
by ShaneMolloy August 10, 2008
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n00b the a fucked up way of saying newbie shortened to newb then noob save time then n00b bye some dumbass who thinks its cool it means your dumb or something like that used bye those who think they know evrything but its used most oftenly bye those who dont any thing them selves and want to make them selves feel better
hey cant even make a level 3 font what a noob
by xion May 07, 2005
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noob = plagerism
noob also means a lot of other things, suchas; unable to function in life, unable to use a computer, unable to play games.
Vincent is a n00b because he had to copy off me and causing both of us to fail.
by kylamb25 November 20, 2006
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Internet text slang for new player or someone who does not have experience, the term usually being hurtful as well as being stupidly spelt using the L337 language, most commonly used by fucking morons who try to act cool by doing something as stupid as replacing e with 3 and t with 7
N00b: (-)4Â¥ |)()|)3 !00K VV(-)47 1 (4/V |)0

normal: Noob
by Horndoggah September 23, 2009
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