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a way of saying that someone is heartless, as per the tin man in the movie wizard of oz
that lance corporal guy who chucked the dog is on some tin man shit.
by freakynetizen March 05, 2008

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pl. n. a pejorative term used to show that you know less about a certain topic (i.e. the current MMORPG] you are playing) than the person calling you this does. unfortunately, it has been widely overused by elitist faggots and anyone who has used this term later than 2002 is probably a n00b themselves.
person 1: how do you hit stuff?
person 1: nobody has said any of that crap since like 2002. now go get your late pass and answer my question, faggot.
person 2: :(
by freakynetizen May 04, 2009

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a great, although highly overrated, rapper who started off as a back up dancer for digital underground. he then jumped on the west coast's gangsta rap bandwagon, and began claiming that he didn't like new york, even though that's where he was born and his first rapping name was "mc new york."
he died in 1996.
tupac had many classics, but is idolized by dick riders.
by freakynetizen January 17, 2007

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to violently thrust in the missionary position whilst flying through the air
the light touch is the ultimate fatality
by freakynetizen November 23, 2007

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