An abbreviation commonly used in email and on internet bulletin boards and web-groups for "no text" or "note topic." This abbreviation is used when the subject line of a forum or email based post states all or a majority of what a writer desires to say.
Example #1: email
Subject: Please take the clothes out of the wash when you get home!!
Body: n/t

Example #2: forum post
Subject: We are looking for volunteers for tonight's meeting!!
Body: n/t. Email me if you're available.
by another one October 6, 2006
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Next Topic. Used on forums esp. political ones.
by MyCattMaxx November 2, 2010
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An extremely harsh word to call a n00b by. It means realatively the same thing but is just plain meaner.
Tommy is a N@T@$, earlier he was only a z1g.
by Leet13pwnr April 18, 2005
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short for "not tight".
Generally used to refer to an ugly girl.
That chick is n t. She actually looks like my foot.
by KangarooZach September 26, 2006
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No Talent Ass Clown

Completely useless person; idiot; douche bag; pud
Snooki is a N-T-A-C!
by MOCO & P-Phat May 29, 2011
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Acronym for "Do Never Test". An assertion of superiority, power, or complete ownage. Usually used at the beginning or end of a sentence.
D/N/T the plucky little Canucks
by pozole October 6, 2004
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