short for the nigga pass which is when a black person lets a white person say the word nigga
white guy: whatsup ma nigga
black guy: what the fuck u say bruh
white guy: its cool bruh i have the n pass
black guy: its cool bruh
by bhbhh April 25, 2016
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Let's some one not black say nigga
"What up my,nigga"
"hey you don't have the right to say that!"
"nigga, I got tho n pass"
"I got u nigga"
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When u get a pass from a specific race that allows the person to say the word n*gg*r.
Yo swing me that n-pass?
by MEMETEAM XD May 30, 2019
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word says it all, inhale your marijuana and pass it so others may feel the extreme happiness, as well.
Dude, stop taking so long just puff n pass!
by lets nina dance October 22, 2009
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Laugh-N-Pass, A common tactic of smoke who does not want to smoke.
What is it? The person that never smokes, rather waits till everyone is laughing then passes at the end of the laughter.
Kevin didnt want to smoke so he waited until everyone busted out laughing. During this time he also laughed and then passed the blunt when everyone was done, completing the laugh-N-pass. During the laughing no one payed attention and figured he had smoked during that time.
by TheRealPops July 7, 2010
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For No Nut November u get to nut once if u have the pass and if you nut without the pass you fail👎🏾
A Girl have to give the Triple N pass to you to work
by ChunkyMeatWillis November 4, 2019
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