Basically, a completely pointless community website, but WARNING, it's highly addictive. Tom, the Creator, is the equivalent of a god to serious myspacers. There are always countless chain-bulletins about bullshit things. There's the occasional one that makes sense, until you get to the bottom where it says "REPOST IN 5 SECZ OR ELSE U WILL HAV BAD LUCK FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!" or something similiar.

When you first join, its fun. After a while, it becomes a popularity contest, in which you add people just for the sake of having 'friends'. However, there is the occasional person who has a whole bunch of rules like 'Don't repost a bulletin every 5 fucking minutes or I won't add you!' or 'DuNt tYiPe lYkK dDiSz' like they're all that and a bag of skittles.

And then, after about two months, you realize that there's really no point at all. But by then, your probably too far gone to stop. Then again, its given many people a boost in their social lives. Yippee
omgzzzz lyk comment my new pixxx!!!

ii lovve yeww <333: omfg i love you!! you are so freakin sexiiii like omg lets chyll ! blahblahblahblah comment bac or else bitch! like l-o-l
by Idonthave Aname August 21, 2005
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A place where nothing works and everything is down 99% of the time created by a faggot named Tom Anderson.
Ex. This myspace profile is undergoing routine maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience!
by Breannah July 22, 2006
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1. A place for people to express their "individuality" or lack thereof; a place to see how many "friends" or numbers you can get.

2. A site for emo kids to talk about how misunderstood they are and that they wish thier parents "got" them.

It is addictive.
Person A: Hey I saw you on myspace!

Person B: I saw you too! You only have 100002 friends though. Thats not very many. I have 1354354616516. *smirk*
by EvieRocksYourFace March 30, 2006
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A place where people show off their popularity by competing for the most friends while posting pictures of themselves being emo, Xcore, almost naked,or gangsta. May also post pictures of themselves making out with another person or being strange with friends...or with themselves.
Girl: OMG I have soooo many friends on myspace!
Guy: OMG So do I!!!


comment comment!! k thanx!!!
by Malistar July 26, 2005
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An error infested website where idiots who don't even know what HTML is are, for some reason, allowed to create their *own* browser-raping websites.
OMG I just got a MySpace lolzerz OMG!!!!!!!!1
by Brisco June 10, 2006
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a place where everyone looks better than they are in person due to the following
1. camera angles that don't show thier fatness and small boobs
2. photoshop and high contrast pics that don't show their pimples and uglyness.

a place for scene kids who think my chemical romance and fall out boy are the best music ever.

also the most addictive site ever. you can spend hours upon end fixing you myspace to look pretty, or just crying on the bullitens to get pictures on ur ugly picture.
OMFG myspace is so awsome. i got like 50 comments on that picture cuz i'm so beautiful.
by Marco V. September 25, 2005
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Place where ugly guys, like Jared Anderson, post half naked pictures and pick up hot whores with corny pick up lines
Hey, are you on My Space?
Oh, You're a fag, Bye.
by Diego Sanchez April 12, 2005
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