People born on that day are amazing,sweet,hot,talented and funny
They are good friends
by OKIMNUSA November 4, 2019
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March 11 is nationalYour crush has to ask YOU out day”
Person: I have a crush on you
Their crush: Will you go out with me? since it’s March 11 i have to ask you out
Person: Yes!
by Banana thotto November 3, 2019
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March 11 is National cuddle with the closest guy to you day
Maria - "guess what day it is"
Derek -"yes my favorite day March 11th"

Maria - "let's go to my room to celebrate this amazing occasion ;)
by Eatmybootytillimwet October 14, 2019
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Karen: Hey joshua can I have a hug
Joshua: ew no
Karen:it’s march 11! You have to!
by cheeky cheeseeeeee March 10, 2021
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National Thicc person day.🍑
Person 1:Do you know what today is?
Person 2:No why?
Person 1:Its March 11
Person 2: So what about today?
Person 1:Its National Thicc person day all Thicc people were born today.🍑
by [Thicc Nicki] November 3, 2019
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Jasmine: “Bro I feel stupid as shit today what’s the date something’s off”
Friend: It’s March 11
Jasmine: ohhh dumb bitch day
by thot the thooter April 24, 2019
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People born on march 11 are le best coz they cute and like reading , they smart af and they have just rlly rlly nice . I can not explain how amazing these people are
Nell- Hey , isnt it John's birthday
Joliver- yeah , he's born on march 11

Nell- explains a lot 😳
by @nellisweird on tiktok January 6, 2020
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