a place where people can copy each other and look nothing in real life like they do in their pictures. Sad, sad, sad.

Also a place where music seems to be the base of everything. That, and your fuckin pictures.
OMG I've seen you before. Are you on myspace?

Fuck your scene
by The Kinison December 22, 2004
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An e-community where Long Island picture whores (but from all over the world) can get together online and have a huge conformist party. On my space, people are rated on popularity by having the most my space "friends". 59% of people having my space accounts either have no real friends, or have questioned their sexuality.
"Yo man, we are having a my space party tonight, you down?"
"No fag, fuck off. While you are having sex with your hand, I'm going to get bloody high and bury my face girlfriends bush."

"OH! MY! GOD! I've seen you on my space!"
"Bitch sit down, I'm straight."

"I have 43 my space friends and its only my first week!"
"Whore nobody cares, go out and drive your moms S-class and find some real friends."
by jamesthe3rd February 12, 2006
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Something I wish would go away.

Specific: A database of everyone that does not deserve to exist.
Several of the O.C. characters have their own profiles on MySpace. Some myspace users have gone beyond not deserving to exist, and instead, do not exist in the first place.
by lloopylydia August 12, 2005
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A blog,"a place for friends",a site where you can put a bunch of random information about yourself. A site for the scene kids to put up pictures of them because they feel the need to be commented, ALWAYS. So they post 100 bulletins saying to comment their pictures and will not stop until you do so. Also known as "Scenespace"
"Hey did you see my rad new pictures on Myspace?<3"
by brownie<3 January 04, 2005
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an amazingly addivtive "place for friends". most of your friends had one so you thought it would be cool to join also, while doing this you take pictures of your half-haked self in front of a bathroom mirror. after having myspace for about a month you realize that you tend to check it every 5 minutes. Myspace allows you to put different "display names" that are on top of you default picture. only losers on myspace change their display name along with the picture. Myspace has "whore trains" something that allows you to have as many friends as you please by posting pointless bullitens. Myspace claims to be a great way to meet friends, but it is more like a great way to meet stalkers. Alot of people add friends just for the sake of having more friends than the other person. Also when you first join myspace, you have your first friend who is Tom--you will initially think he is a stalker but no he is just the creator.
Don't get a myspace its too addictive. You can easily meet a stalker there.
by lambxxluvr March 20, 2006
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A most awful place indeed.

Usually when you first create one, it will consume your life, and everything you post and do and your first pics will make you look incredibly stupid, because more than likely you'll probably be trying too hard to look cool. Some people outgrow this phase, some don't unfortunately.

Make sure you use good grammar, try to sound as smart as possible, don't complain about anything and don't post bulletins about random things because most of the people there suck and take dumb things like the internet too seriously and will attack you for the smallest things.

People there really do suck. Some people are really uptight and stuck up and will say they get annoyed at the things you post on bulletins or in groups and will get on your case and/or delete you from their friend list, which is really silly because people have the freedom to post whatever they want, and if someone's bulletins or posts in a group are bothering you so bad, why not just simply ignore them? No one said you had to read them.
Some people are really two faced and they'll act really cool in real life, but they'll become a total asshole on MySpace or vice versa.
Then there's the really conceited and arrogant pricks who act like they're totally the shit and think they're better than everyone else and take a bunch of pictures of themselves shirtless(guys) or in very revealing clothing(girls).
And then you have stupid emo and scene kids who act really depressed, pathetic and pretend to have problems.
Oh, and I almost forgot, the wiggers, posers and wanabe gangstas who use a bunch of stupid slang terms they learned from mainstream rap videos as well as try to create new ones by mispelling words on purpose, acting like they are really tough and have it really bad in the projects or a rough neighborhood even though there aren't a lot of people who live in those kinda places that have computers and can afford expensive hip hop stuff like Rocawear and Sean John.

It's also probably one of the most ironic places ever, because usually the people who are called stupid or retarded are probably the smartest people there, because they have the common sense required to ignore stupid bulletins and threads in public forums instead of getting on the case of people who post them. While the people who 'think' they're smart and call those people idiots are the real idiots because they obviously take it too seriously.

Then you have Myspace Prostitution. Instead of going out in public, dressed really slutty and standing at street corners, they make profiles on MySpace, take pictures of themselves dressed like hookers and use the myspace groups and bulletin boards as their 'corner'.

So yeah. MySpace really isn't that great.
Example 1: When I first created a MySpace, I stayed on it for 16 hours a day, and pretended to be a gangsta thinking it was totally cool.
I was such a fucking loser
Example 2:
A:Whatz up my homiez? Man the town I live in sucks so bad. I know this shit is random.
B: I'm deleting you from my friend list because you are a fucking idiot for posting this random bulletin that I could've easily ignored but I didn't because I suck so bad, for complaining about something, not like it should matter to me because it's your problem and not mine and for using some slang because I'm so uptight and think that anyone who uses slang is an idiot and can't speak proper english.
Example 3:
Conceited Prick: I'm the shit! I'm the coolest person in the world because I have these nice ab muscles and 10,000 friends on MySpace and that automatically makes me better than everyone else especially YOU. =D
Example 4:
Emo/Scene Kid: My life is so terrible. I don't have a car, but most of my friends have one. I suck because my best friend has a bf/gf and I don't. I'm supposed to be really depressed and suck at life because some kids were mean to me in Elementary school. I should've gotten over that years ago, but I didn't, so I decided to start acting like a idiot thinking someone will feel sorry for me.
Example 5:
Wigger/Poserthug: YO, whatz up my ppl! I juz saw that new Yung Jocky joint on MTV. Hold Upz! Is you talkin' shit chuzz? Come to my rough ass block, just because I wear $120.00 Nikes, $60 sean john t-shirts, live in a nice azz subrb and have my own $48,000 custom Lincoln Navigator don't mean I iz a fake. Say tha shit to mi face chuzz and sie wat gonn happen bitoch.
Example 6:
Intelligent MySpace user: I post random bulletins and complain sometimes, and people call me stupid just for that. I don't see why. It shouldn't really matter, I have the right to post whatever I want and so does everyone else.
Stupid MySpace user that thinks they're smart: You are complaining about something! YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT!!!!! Stop posting those dumb bulletins, they are annoying me, don't ask me how they are, it doesn't make sense, but your random bulletins are annoying me you little dumbass.
Final example: Hey boys. Come look at these sexy pics on my profile. If you like them, hit me up, maybe we can get together one night and I'll give you an STD. =

MySpace is a shithole.
by Kareem Jahlid August 12, 2007
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As with other blog sites, the crack of the internet. I will not admit it has conquered my soul until I make a post about my feelings.
myspace and other blog sites are for whores. Myself included.
by Jsaid January 16, 2005
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