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An informal Swedish term for coziness; comfort and relaxation, especially at home. Not necessarily sexual, despite the way some Swedes use the word online: Cuddling on the couch with a partner is still _mys_, even if neither person wants to go further. Sitting by a fireplace and reading a favorite book is also _mys_, even if you're alone and don't have sex on your mind.
Det var synd att din kille inte kunde skilja på hångel och mys. (It's too bad that your boyfriend couldn't tell the difference between making out and getting cozy.)
by Ingeborg S. Nordén May 14, 2006
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myspace, the obesssion of ike going to myspace to check his "fan mail". But really he is just going to find another chick asking him for computer advice. He struck out again.... poor ike.
ike: "go on myspace, check if i got any fan mail."

jasn: "sup ike"

ike: "what up my nigies"

sami: "spoon bish with the shaved door handles"
by gay carl November 25, 2004
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