A website for teachers that makes it easy to get away with not doing our homework.
Teacher: "Did you do the MyMaths homework?"

the entire class: "No, my computer crashed!"
by Anthony Burrows. October 8, 2011
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a motherfucking pisstaking "fun maths game" website that you spend endless hours trying to find hacks of.
if your teacher sets you mymaths hw ten you are absolutely fucked.
me:"did you do the mymaths"
him:"fuck no who do you think i am"
by FusionTroid's word of the day November 21, 2019
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A website where children are forced into completing hours of pointless equations. Possibly one of the main reasons for teen suicide in the UK.
"Nearly killed myself after seeing how many tasks i had to complete on mymaths yesterday"
by elamenapee February 2, 2021
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A Type Of Deppresion That You Get When You Have To Do MyMaths
Teacher, I Have MyMaths Deppresion coz of you
by curryeatingman July 23, 2022
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