A an old Norse word meaning “cow dung”, also the name given to a controversial and troubled public transport ticketing system in Victoria, Australia.
*driving in the country* oh look mummy the cow in the paddock just dropped a myki!

*at a local 7-eleven* Hi can I please put $10 on my myki?
by JaxCrackers May 14, 2018
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Public Transport Ticketing Smartcard scheduled for full implementation in Victoria, Australia mid 2010
by feet first April 7, 2009
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Myky is the kind of girl who is super global and she will fall for anything! Despite that she is a loving, friendly person.
She well...sweet like Myky.
by What what! November 27, 2014
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mykie is the name of a popular internet personality that does SFX videos on her youtube channel
mykie is a great influencer
by CookieMonster30 July 31, 2019
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A sexy girl

Men and lesbians are always sexually atracted
Omfg that girl is so mykie
by MykieBurms March 31, 2015
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