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Generic term for all social networking sites. Derived from a mixture of myspace and facebook. Usually used in a derogatory fashion.
Guy 1: Hey did you see my latest status update? It roxxors!!!11
Guy 2: Dood, you are constantly on myface. Give it a rest.
by thundersnow December 07, 2010
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A combination of being addicted to Myspace and Facebook

"Gotta go put up new pics for myface."
"I wonder if i got any comments on myface?"
" i hope Brisky Whisky left me a comment on myface"
"Russy Pussy left Brisky Whisky a picture comment on myface"

k convo. done. now i shall stab you with my fork
by Russy Pussy January 05, 2006
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A combination of the popular social networking sites, Myspace and Facebook. Used as a noun and a verb.
"Have fun at college!"
"Thanks, I'll MyFace you when I get home."

"Do you have a MyFace?"
by Brolley June 21, 2006
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word used to make fun of the myspace/facebook culture and to gain affinity with real-life friends. I.E "Hi Todd, Wanna be friends on MyFace?"= let's go for a bike ride and i'll smoke your ass.
you have 1 friend on myface= you have 1 friend to cry on when you are drunk and lonely
by satan's kitten June 11, 2007
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An internet addiction centered on narcissism and giving an illusionary sense of solipsism
"He's only got time for MyFace these days"

"Anything new happened on YourFace?"
by Words Wired Weird February 04, 2008
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A MySpaceFaceBook conglomerate, since, interchangeably, one wants to be like the other so bad and continues to remodel its own site to keep up with the other, to the point at which they might as well be one and the same, your preference depending on which ones your e-friends use at any given point in time.
You: OMG OMG comment my new MyFace pictures!
Me: Sorry, I don't have a MyFace anymore. I'm in college now so I only use SpaceBook.
by UberLemon June 06, 2009
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